Digital Marketing

It was reported there are approximately 22 million of Facebook users in Malaysia. The population of Malaysia is approximately 30 million, there are 7 people in every 10 people use Facebook.

We, Tsai Yi Technology International, provide accurate, effective and customizable digital marketing solution for different industries of client.

Besides that, we also help our clients to allocate and plan their budget more effectively and precisely so that they can maximise their Return on Investment.

Facebook is the top social platform used by worldwide users. Having said that, what you need now is our professional services for you to achieve the best result with the lowest cost possible.


Accurate TargettingTarget the highest potential customers with wide range of ad formats.


Increase ConversionIncrease conversion by using the right marketing strategy, all-rounded website and campaign optimization and effective purchase funnel


Word of mouthOther than advertising through blogger and social influencer, a right and effective Facebook marketing strategy can even perform better


Multi Screen MarketingWith more than 60% of transaction are being done on mobile, advertiser should also target mobile user.

Targeting Method


LocationTarget users based on their address or working location


Lookalike AudienceTarget similar audience like friends of users who have liked the page


GenderTarget users based on their age, gender, languages and many more

Custom AudienceTargeting through customer’s contact information, website traffic or application.


InterestMore than 100 Interest targeting provided by Facebook include music, movie, sport, games and many more.


BehaviorTargeting through customer’s behavior such as shopping behavior, device type, digital activities, residential profiles and many more.

Increase conversion and optimization

Target Facebook users on mobile, tablet and desktop
Target Facebook users using attractive and creative material including video and image.
Regularly monitor, analyse and optimize advertisement performance by testing different variation of ads in terms of texts, size, placement and design.
We can focus to the lower position, gender, time, region by our big data system
We can divide the target, material, traffic, and use cross-comparison to adjust our ads
We will use a recycle model of advertisement, from branding---> content ---> social media ---> remarketing.

Word of mouth

Target your audience when they are browsing the newsfeed
Use different marketing mode to enhance the trust of the brand and improve interaction between brands and fans.

Ad Format

Text Ads

Facebook Text Ads costs:150 - 200k TWD
Revenue: 1 - 1.5m TWD

Likes Ads

Spent 50k TWD in 10 days
Pages followers increased by 25k

Video Ads

Average cost per view decreased by 3.23 times
Conversion increased by 5 times

Our Professional Team

Quick response by working closely with clients
Always updated with latest Facebook advertising changes
Professional product photography and videography
Customizable multiple ad formats

Our Professional Team